Sunday, Dec. 21 – electricity and water

Our mattress set arrived last evening (the appliances arrived Thursday evening), so we can stay in our own home tonight!  We will be eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches until our stove is hooked up to gas, we are using flashlights and a candle because the public electric power is off, and we don’t have running water at the moment (although we do have drinking water!).  But it’s exciting just to be in our home – and the “inconveniences” are really luxuries that we’re used to having.

There is public electricity here, but you never know when it will be on.  It had been on most of the morning but was off when we arrived at our house in the afternoon and stayed off the rest of the day.  Even with the intermittent electricity, however, power is available 24/7 with an inverter system (to be explained later).  But until ours is up and running – probably tomorrow – we will get electricity if and when it comes.

Electricity also affects our running water supply – there is a 200-gallon container on top of our roof, and water is piped up from our cistern in the ground by an electrical pump.  A floater in the container on top signals the pump to stop when it is filled.  As long as there is water in the container on top, we have water in the house even if the electricity is off.  But the pump hasn’t been on in some time to fill up the container and we weren’t able to make it today before the electricity went off.  However, we can still go outside and open up the cistern cover and use a bucket (and rope if the water level is down) to get water out of the cistern. So you see, we still have it quite good!

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