tentative travel plans

Our next scheduled date to share is August 18th at Pittsboro Baptist, and then we start heading even further West. On August 22 we are to share at Southern View Chapel in Springfield, IL during the evening service, we hope to find a church for that morning in the area. Then, Lord willing, we head toward St. Louis, and/or Kansas where we are hoping to hear back from some contacts, then to Colorado where we hope to share especially around the Colorado Springs and Denver areas, then through WY, UT, NV, ending up in California, on Sept 12 we share at Hickman Community Church, and that week maybe some “LIFE” groups at Carmichael Bible Church, on the 19th we are to share at Kern Valley Bible Church, then we hope to schedule a few more California churches (we are waiting to hear from many) before heading back East, please pray for safety and God’s blessing on the trip.

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2 Responses to tentative travel plans

  1. Jeannie says:

    I love the new layout and the picture! Miss you!

  2. Hi Scott & Karen,
    Thank you for coming to the MTM banquet, it was nice to see you & we appreciate your efforts to be there with all of the traveling that you are doing! Our prayers are with you. That little boy of yours is going to be one well traveled baby by the end of the year!
    Take care & God speed!
    Willem & Beth

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