West part 2ish

We enjoyed our time in Hoisington Kansas with the Clarks. We then traveled to the Denver Colorado area and had a wonderful time staying with some of Scott’s extended family for a few days. Next we took a slight detour to see Boulder Colorado, it was very beautiful even though a very big forest fire in the area caused a large cloud to form over the city and mountains and ash to start raining down. We then travled to Wheatland, Wyoming, where we spent a few days visiting with the Fredericks and Coulters, friends from Appalachian Bible College. Then we took a lovely scenic drive through the moutains and very windy roads to Utah. We stopped to see Salt Lake City and are now staying in Provo with BMW missionary Karisa Clark. In the photos are Liam enjoying Boulder Colorado, the Mormon temble in Salt Lake, and some of the scenery in Utah. Again thank you for your prayers.

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