Eastern (U.S.) Hospitality

Liam loved riding the "Gator" with his buddies Levi and Noah

WAY too long since we’ve posted on here! This trip we have been on the road since October 8 in Maryland, Pennsylvania, now West Virginia, this weekend North Carolina, and back to Indiana on the 31st (Monday).

One of the biggest blessings while we’re on the road is the generous hospitality of many we stay with. In Maryland we stayed a week with friends who have five children ages 1-7; Liam loved having the playmates! Beautiful weather allowed for a lot of outside time in their big yard with a sandbox and swings. His favorite was when the boys got the “Gator” out to ride around the yard.

A BIG thank you to the generosity of so many as we travel! Places to stay, homecooked meals, taking time to visit with us, financial gifts to help with travel and other expenses, bringing a meal to us, taking us out to eat, inviting us to a church event…so many different ways that you have blessed and encouraged us as we continue our journey toward getting to Scotland.

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