Update July 2013

It has been sometime since we posted anything new on our blog and our facebook page. So here a brief update. We are currently living in Pierceton Indiana, so that I (Scott) can take some classes at Grace Theological Seminary (working toward a Masters of Divinity) as we seek God’s further guiding.

We have found a wonderful little church here (Bethel Baptist) that we are already an active part of. The people have a great heart for God and a wonderful love for people, we are learning to be better witnesses as we observe and get involved in all they do. I am truly impressed with the pastor who knows seems to know everyone not only in the town but much of the surrounding area.

I have been working at the local Wal-Mart, starting out as temporary but so “promoted” to full-time. Karen has been very buys taking care of the house we are renting and watching our very active boys. She also bakes and sells goods at the local Farmers Market, a great way to meet many of the locals.

As for our future plans, we are looking to join a ministry called Alongside Ministries, which (as the name implies) comes “alongside” churches, providing servant-leaders to churches in Europe. Many years ago I had come to know a couple from the ministry who were serving in Aberdeen, Scotland. The advantage to Alongside it should make getting visas and entering the country much easier as the “native” church would asking us to come in and serve. The process to join will take some time, so I should be able to take a few more classes in preparation for whatever God has in store for us.

We thank you for your continued prayers, and we shall keep you updated and hope to visit many of you once we have (Lord willing) been accepted with Alongside and again start the support raising process.


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