Fall Update – Baby on the Way!

We’re expecting a baby the end of March! We don’t know yet if it will be a boy or girl, but hopefully we’ll find out at the scheduled ultrasound next week. We’re still in the application process with Alongside Ministries as a possible partnership for serving in Scotland, and you can be praying for God’s guidance in this and for a church contact in Scotland providing a specific place for us to serve. In the meantime, we see God using this “waiting” time in our lives to teach us lessons and further equip us for ministry wherever we are.

I, Karen, have been enjoying the ladies Bible study at our church on Monday nights – we’re intently studying through the book of Ephesians using a Precept Upon Precept course (Kay Arthur). It’s putting into practice Bible study principles I learned years ago at Appalachian Bible College but haven’t put into intentional practice, and it has ignited a desire in my heart to continue regular, intentional Bible study – deeper than simply reading the Bible and seeking to think on it and apply it to my life. That is of course foundational to spiritual growth and not “insufficient”, yet I have found that I gain even more in the true knowledge of God and Christ and the work of His Spirit in my life as I dig deeper into His Word (and through seeking/dependence on His Spirit applying it to my mind and heart, not just gaining “head knowledge”).

Several days of “mild” fall weather have been great for spending time in the yard finding to ways to spruce things up a bit – weeding along the hedges, cutting back some branches and bushes, painting the shed, adding and moving around some rock borders, etc. My parents visited a few weeks ago, and they spent an entire afternoon getting the overgrown weeds out of my garden! I have been so thankful for that as it probably still wouldn’t be done otherwise.

Scott is still working full-time at Walmart, taking a class at Grace Seminary, teaching through a study for the adult Sunday School class, and loving his wife and playing with his boys. We’re blessed to have a wonderful husband and daddy!

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