New Mexico and Arizona

I have had a wonderful and blessed time on the first part of my trip west. First visiting briefly with Karen’s parents and going on to Kansas. I had the privilege of being the speaker at Alameda Bible Church’s mission Sunday, preaching and sharing in the morning and afternoon. Next I traveled to Arizona, and despite several roads being closed unexpectedly (and no help from GPS or phone’s Gps) and getting lost, I had a lovely drive. I spent a few days with some friends in Page and then some more friends in Prescott. Among other blessings I was surprised by the gift of a new computer, much needed as my old one was falling apart and could not get internet. Currently I am in the Sacramento area of California. Having the honor of sharing at Victory
Baptist Church in Citrus Heights. We were the first missionaries supported by them when they were started, and it was great to see how God is working and growing them. Please take note of the itinerary page for further details of my plans.

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2 Responses to New Mexico and Arizona

  1. Kathy Cornell says:

    Are really going to be at Galt Bible Church from 9PM to 10PM?  That of course is my home church and where Jayne Cornell is located. May God richly bless and give you more support for your journey and as you continue to serve Him. Jayne’s mom, Kathy

    • skdaily says:

      Actually it would be at normal evening service time, for some reason the calendar sometimes takes the time put in eastern time and then translates it strangely to local time,

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