California spring 2015

While in California I was able to visit with several churches and individuals. I was kindly hosted by the Atkinson family from Victory Baptist Church. I had the privilege of sharing about Scotland and preaching at Victory Baptist on the first Sunday I was there. Pastor Collins and the people were a great blessing to me and I enjoyed my time with them. I was also able to attend a Evangelistic meeting that Tuesday at Faith Baptist in Folsom. Other churches I was able to attend and share briefly at were Crossroads Church of Carmichael, and Galt Bible Church. It was great to see friends, make new ones, and visit relatives in the area, and I definitely came away blessed not just financially but also encouraged.

Now I am back in Arizona, where I have met with the missions committee of First Baptist Church in Page. This Sunday I will be sharing at Light and Life Church in Prescott, certainly looking forward to it. Then I am traveling as quickly as is legally possible to see my family, it has been an enjoyable trip but I don’t like being away from them for so long! We will be spending Easter and a few more weeks in Minnesota before heading toward Indiana and whatever God has in store for us next.

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