Scott in Scotland

Scott flies back to the U.S. on Wednesday after a three-week trip in Scotland.  We weren’t sure this was the best time, but as we were thinking and praying about it in June, within a couple hours God brought several contacts and details to come through that we specifically asked for. Scott was able to visit various islands, learning more about the areas, praying and seeking God’s direction for specific places and contacts for future ministry. One of his first stops was preaching at Mull Baptist Church on the isle of Mull – something there was an opening for last fall when we were in Scotland but the timing didn’t work out.

On Thursday we head west to continue raising financial support for moving to serve in Scotland.  (We would love to be able to do this by the end of 2016, but we will see how and when God brings everything together.)  Our first primary stops will be in New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Our various locations are included on our calendar, and we will continue to add specific “events” as those details are finalized.  If we will be near you and haven’t already been in touch, feel free to contact us to connect during our trip!

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