Any questions?

DSCF0360.JPGOften people are curious about Scotland, they may have heard something, or wonder about something (such as do people really wear kilts all the time) and never had the chance to ask anyone. Well now is your chance, if there are any questions you have about Scotland, us, missions in general, or anything else for that matter just go ahead and ask. -Oh and most people in Scotland do not wear kilts, some do often for formal occasions or if your busking (trying to get money). So ask your questions, about haggis, Nessie, kilts, bagpipes, islands, money, sports, weather, or anything you can think of, and if I don’t have the answer I can get it (or just make it up in Gaelic).

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2 Responses to Any questions?

  1. Jean Baughman says:

    A person for whom you are praying that he or she will trust Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

    • skdaily says:

      That is of course a wonderful question, there are two men that I have met in Scotland that come quickly to mind that I have prayed for (but I thank you for the reminder to pray more for, usually I get to generic and pray for islands I have been to rather then specific people), the two men we will call John (who knows a lot of the truth, and may be saved but has a very misguided understanding of salvation, the other is a man from the Sikh faith who wants to believe in God but is not sure about Christianity. Again thank you for the reminder to pray for individuals.

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