We have tickets! What now?

boys bagpipesThe Lord is good! I had decided to get online to get a general idea of ticket prices for our flight over next September. I was amazed to find a deal for a flight to Glasgow from Indianapolis for just over $2000 for all (soon to be) six of us! This is an amazing deal, about half of what we expected to pay. After showing Karen, we decided to snatch the deal up, and so our tickets are bought!

The next stage is to push for support, either one time gifts or long term. Whatever we get is entirely going toward our serving in Scotland as I am continuing to work at a local grocery store. As the new year begins it is our hope that more churches and individuals will consider giving toward our ministry. We would love to simply share at churches even in a one-time meeting briefly. It is a pleasure to simply share about the need in Scotland and what God is doing and how we intend to be a part. It is amazing how much God blesses even brief visits, love offerings, and simply sharing with people; not just in financial terms but in prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. And of course a BIG thank you to those of you who have prayed for us and given of your time and money! It is due to your love and faithfulness that we are able to go, and we will do our best to keep you informed on how your investment in God’s ministry in Scotland is bearing fruit.

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One Response to We have tickets! What now?

  1. Kathy Cornell says:

    Happy you were able to get the airline tickets. I will try to be more faithful in praying for your family. Our love, Jim and Kathy Cornell

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