naidheachd (Gaelic for “news”)

Well ’tis been awhile since our last posting (apparently some three months). This is mostly due to waiting to hear from a mission we are seeking to join. But I feel that it is way pass time to update our blog. Recently I was able to attend a missions committee meeting at a local church and the dear ladies (I was the only male there) were discussing how they seldom hear from many of their missionaries. We hope to get prayers letters out more, and also work at posting more on the blog and Facebook.

A summary of the news of the past months is: we are expecting our fourth boy in July, at the moment we are thinking of naming him Ewan Elijah; as noted in our last post we have tickets to fly to Scotland in September (I am already booked to preach at churches in two islands); I went in for a part time job at a local Walmart and got offered the department manager position for Dairy and Frozen, so we are better able to save for our move to Scotland (all support that comes in goes directly to our missions savings and we “live” right now on my paychecks); and as I stated above we are looking to join a mission in Scotland.

This mission is Youth With a Mission (YWAM), we had the privilege of attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) for 6 months in 2014. This enables me to apply to work on the staff of one of their bases. Recently they opened a base in Oban, the “gateway to the isles” and a place that God has laid on my heart for many years and a key place to work (I have been their many many times and we stayed there as a family several years ago for over a week making good contacts with churches in the area). We had originally planned to be sponsored by a baptist church in Paisley (Glenburn Baptist), however they recently decided they were not in a position to sponsor anyone. God began to stir in my heart the idea of joining a newly formed team of YWAM (I had met many of the staff on my trip last Fall) that  is based in Oban with the stated purpose of reaching out to the Highlands and Islands region and especially helping out local churches (the very things I believe God is calling me to do).

So we are looking to join with them and waiting to hear if we are officially accepted. This will have many blessings: 1. It will allow us to work with a team, thus making us more effective, giving us support, encouragement, accountability and the other benefits, 2. It will make getting a visa MUCH easier and probably much cheaper, 3. It will provide housing and already made contacts, 4. It will give us the chance to disciple and work with young people not only in Scotland but from around the world, and many more blessings.

As always we thank you so much for you continued prayers and generous gifts, it amazing how much God has blessed us in the last few months with more and more churches and individuals giving to us! My wonderful wife has informed me that we already have much of what we need to visa, moving, and other expenses already in our missions savings. Again thank you and praise God!


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