Ewan and traveling

We were informed that we had yet to post on here about the birth of wee Ewan Elijah (for you Yanks the name is pronounced “you-win”) on July 9. As I joke he was born on the 9th, around 9, and weighed a bit over 9 pounds. All went well, it was a very quick delivery (less then 45 minutes).

Now we are in Minnesota for a few days visiting Karen’s family, next week we are heading out to the West Coast for a Alongside Ministries gathering/orientation in Washington. We are intending to make it a longer trip, visiting with friends out West. So if you want to see us in the coming weeks and live out that way, just drop us a note. You can check our itinerary page to see our general schedule.

On September 20, Liam and I (Scott) will be traveling to Scotland! I am scheduled to preach at Mull Baptist, on the Isle of Mull, for two weeks. We will also be visiting with the Auffermans, the coupe we intend to work with in Aberdeen, and visiting the church (Woodside Parish church) that we will be primarily working with.

Here is a picture of when the brothers meet Ewan.

IMG_1753 (2)

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