Whirlwind West and on

Howdy, as many of you know we just finished a quick and less-then-usually organized trip to the West coast. In early August we “moved” from Indiana to Minnesota. We then got an invitation to attend an orientation for Alongside ministries on lovely Whidbey Island in Washington State. We had a great time, it was wonderful to not only meet some of the staff but also spend time with fellow new (to Alongside, but experienced) missionaries to other parts of Europe! Since we were already on the West coast, we sought to visit some of our contacts (on short notice) in the area. God was good to us, at two different stops our hosts were a blessing in helping us with minor (but much needed) repairs to our van! It was a joy to see the few were able to visit, share a bit at some churches, and make some new contacts as well.

Currently we are back (briefly) in Indiana, as Liam and I (Scott) fly out next week to for Scotland! We are of course excited, and I intend to post pictures an updates as I can. We plan to travel by train to Aberdeen, meet with the Auffermann’s (Rev Markus and his wife Isabell who we intend to work alongside at Woodside Parish churchfor the next three years). Then we will travel by rental car to Oban and cross to the Isle of Mull, where I will preach for two weeks at Mull Baptist. It should also be a great time of visiting and encouraging many of the local believers I have already met. We will end our time again visiting Aberdeen to attend a service at Woodside.

One final note, to better reflect who we are and what we believe God is calling to do, we have changed the name of our Facebook page from “Scott and Karen missionaries” to “Daily heart for Scotland”, we are all called to be missionaries, our family we believe is called to love and serve Scotland (and I like the occasional play on my last name).

The picture is of Colin and Declan enjoying there first “state side” ferry ride, out to Whidby Island.



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One Response to Whirlwind West and on

  1. Diane Sharpes says:

    Keeping you in Prayer! Thank you for the update. I asked how I can continue my support. Calvary and I have parted ways. Please reply

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