Recent Scottish (and Liamish) trip

Now that I’m back with the family and had some sleep, I am able to process Liam and my recent trip to Scotland. I am really excited about the idea of serving at Woodside Parish Church. I think it could be a very good fit, a good place for the family to live and minister and a place where we can bless and be blessed. The congregation seems eager to have us come serve with them, very lovely people. In faith and trust I am ready. Currently the next step is to raise the needed financial support, so we will be hitting the road again, believing that we will be able to move over in April of next year and start serving for at least the next three years. If you already support us, truly thank you! I would love to show you someday around the area.

Briefly some areas that church is already involved in that we hope to be a part of are: children’s ministry ( working with the local schools; boys brigade -similar to AWANA/boy scouts; kids music ministry; and others), outreach to Syrian refugees (basically loving on them and their kids as they learn English at the church -feeding them, babysitting, etc), teaching and perhaps preaching, speaking at local schools, helping do an Alpha course (a informal “class” for people outside the church to learn about who Jesus really is), visiting and doing worship services at the local elderly folks home, sharing on the local radio station, and many of the ways of building up the kingdom in and outside the church.

Within a few weeks we are intending to travel toward the East coast, already we have a few stops planned in Indiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We would love the opportunity to share with anyone over tea and shortbread (food and drink optional) about our plans and catch up with you and your lives. Please drop us a wee note either through this site, Facebook, email, text, or call, we loved to meet up with you!

The following pictures are a few from our recent trip. Including a picture of Liam at the old nunnery on the Isle of Iona (an important Christian site), the minister of Woodside Parish Church and his wife (Markus and Isabell Auffermann) on the beach at Aberdeen, and Liam at Tobermory, Isle of Mull.

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One Response to Recent Scottish (and Liamish) trip

  1. Kathy Cornell says:

    I will try to be a more faithful prayer warrior. Exciting to see and hear on your recent trip. May God be praised.Your friend, Kathy Cornell

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