Quick wee trip and the future



crieff kirk

Hello all our beloved friends and family who take the time to read our occasional blog post. As most of you know we were over in Scotland in March and April, spending most of our time on the Isle of Lewis serving the lovely parish church in Carloway. We had hoped that this would lead to a permanent role with me serving as the new minister. However while they enjoy having us and I feel we were a great blessing (they especially appreciated my “Biblical preaching”) after long discussion it was felt that because I am not ordained through the Church of Scotland it was to difficult to get me on as minister.

So what now? While we were over we were also able to meet with a few churches that were looking for people to come and serve alongside them. There were a few that really stood out to us and we felt we made good connections with them. Long story short(er) we had a refund from an airline that we needed to use to buy tickets by mid-June or else we would lose the refund. Since I had a strong desire to travel over and “firm up” some details with some of the churches and pray about how God would have us serve them, I began to look at flying over using the refund. It became clear that the cheapest tickets were in a few weeks, and so I was able to use the refund to pay almost all the cost of tickets to Scotland from June 22nd to July 13. While there were quite a number of churches that approached us or Alongside Ministries seeking helpers given both the suddenness and shortness of my trip I am focusing on three or four of a few we prayerfully consider the best fits for us. Lord willing I will be able to update you further in a few weeks (with pictures) and give more details.

Thank you so much for your constant prayers, support, and love.



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