BIG changes! Please take note!

Hello, we are excited about a new direction (well really the one I have had for years, just a more direct way of serving) we are taking. Recently to my surprise I received an email from a church on the Orkney Island of Stronsay asking me if I would be their new locum (essentially an interim minister). My heart has truly been burdened for years about the many churches in Scotland without a minister, and now one was calling out to me to come and serve! So we are planning to go this May and serve for an initial 6 months and then if the Lord leads and there is still need perhaps longer.

What does this mean? It means that several things will be changing for us and those who support us. First we are no longer going to be with Alongside Ministries, we still care dearly for them and have many friends with them, but we feel our path is moving away from them and will be working instead more directly with the local churches in Scotland. Secondly, since the church on Stronsay is providing housing (and possibly a small salary) we will not need to raise as much support. We should be able to go over in May relatively easily, as that is when they will be expecting us and have the house (the manse) ready for us. We will update all of you who do want to support us where to send the money in the very near future, as well as sending out more information about all of this.


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