A peedie thanks


It has been a very long road, as many of you know. But we have our visas and tickets to serve in a church (Moncur Memorial) on the island of Stronsay in the Orkneys. In fact we fly out on the 24th of this month (April). It will initially  be for six months, but as our biggest struggle in the past was  finding a place to serve that could get us a visa I believe this is a promising start. If nothing else it is a wonderful opportunity to serve a loving community that has been without a minister (pastor) for many years, to preach and teach, encourage and strengthen, and grow together. We are hoping and praying that we will either be able to serve on Stronsay longer or this will help lay the ground work to do similar work in other areas of Scotland. There is such a big need as many areas especially on the islands are without a “under-shepherd”.

I want to express my extreme thanks to all who have been such a blessing to us over the many years we have traveled sharing about our call to Scotland. We could not have made it for so long without so many praying, giving, and encouraging! It is amazing to look back and think of all the struggles and discouragement, yet all the times that people have blessed us, often without even knowing it. On occasion our “struggle” to get to the field is used by preachers and teachers has an example of faithfulness, I always think it is those who lovingly support us that are the ones who are faithful and special. To all who even think and pray about us, we are sincerely grateful.


Peedie = Orkney for small or “wee”

Oh and of course we will try and keep you all updated from the “field” and get some photos of the lovely Stronsay “isle of bays” on here once we are settled. And if you happen to be in the north of Scotland and we are there come and visit.

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