Cute Boys

Not many pictures to post this week, so I will just post a couple that Scott took in our front garden (yard) with the younger boys.


Ewan and Declan on the stone bench we quickly put together a couple weeks ago.


“Selfie” with Declan and Ewan

And one of me working around the bird bath (the top is over to the side, waiting to be cleaned).  This pathway is our favorite feature.  The manse (minister’s house where we live) hasn’t been occupied long-term since 2011 I think, so one of my main projects this summer has been weeding the overgrown bits and “uncovering” the garden of the past. I am enjoying it.  The church folk had great plans to get work done before we arrived, but it was too wet of a spring, and getting the house ready was the main priority anyhow (and we are greatly enjoying the fruit of that).  They are appreciative to have someone taking an interest in the garden again.


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2 Responses to Cute Boys

  1. Jim Cornell says:

    Our experience of pastoring 14 years in rural Idaho teaches us that the people in the church are more open to listen to your ministry of God’s Word when they see you willing to build some sweat equity in the property (yard) of the church building. None of the men who followed us took care of the outside grounds. People notice and they comment about it when we have visited there subsequently. Taking an interest in the garden can lead to people taking an interest in tending to the “garden” of their hearts as you “prune, weed, feed, and water” with the Scriptures.

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