BIG changes! Please take note!

Hello, we are excited about a new direction (well really the one I have had for years, just a more direct way of serving) we are taking. Recently to my surprise I received an email from a church on the Orkney Island of Stronsay asking me if I would be their new locum (essentially an interim minister). My heart has truly been burdened for years about the many churches in Scotland without a minister, and now one was calling out to me to come and serve! So we are planning to go this May and serve for an initial 6 months and then if the Lord leads and there is still need perhaps longer.

What does this mean? It means that several things will be changing for us and those who support us. First we are no longer going to be with Alongside Ministries, we still care dearly for them and have many friends with them, but we feel our path is moving away from them and will be working instead more directly with the local churches in Scotland. Secondly, since the church on Stronsay is providing housing (and possibly a small salary) we will not need to raise as much support. We should be able to go over in May relatively easily, as that is when they will be expecting us and have the house (the manse) ready for us. We will update all of you who do want to support us where to send the money in the very near future, as well as sending out more information about all of this.


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Interning and traveling

Greetings from cold Minnesota! We are hoping to have the visa to work with a lovely church in Crieff, Scotland in a few months. As we wait for the paperwork and other things in the process we are staying with Karen’s family in Minnesota. During this time I am serving as an unpaid “intern” with a local church in order to serve them and get some more experience helping local churches. Among my duties are helping set up the web page (check out the links and resources section to see it), leading small groups and adult Sunday school, preaching, visiting, and in general helping the pastor.

In the coming weeks I will be traveling to Kansas and Washington to share at various churches and other gatherings. You can follow my plans on the itinerary link . clover picture.jpg

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Wee blather on current plans

It has been a few months since our last post, so what are the Daily’s up to now? Well Scott was able to travel to Scotland this past June/July and meet with a few of the churches that are looking for people to serve with them. It was great to spend time with men and women of the various congregations who are seeking to faithfully serve God throughout Scotland. We are hoping to start the process of getting a visa to work with one of these churches in the very near future. Currently Scott is getting ready to travel west to share at various churches and individuals in the US. The need in Scotland is great, and we long to be there building up His church.

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Quick wee trip and the future



crieff kirk

Hello all our beloved friends and family who take the time to read our occasional blog post. As most of you know we were over in Scotland in March and April, spending most of our time on the Isle of Lewis serving the lovely parish church in Carloway. We had hoped that this would lead to a permanent role with me serving as the new minister. However while they enjoy having us and I feel we were a great blessing (they especially appreciated my “Biblical preaching”) after long discussion it was felt that because I am not ordained through the Church of Scotland it was to difficult to get me on as minister.

So what now? While we were over we were also able to meet with a few churches that were looking for people to come and serve alongside them. There were a few that really stood out to us and we felt we made good connections with them. Long story short(er) we had a refund from an airline that we needed to use to buy tickets by mid-June or else we would lose the refund. Since I had a strong desire to travel over and “firm up” some details with some of the churches and pray about how God would have us serve them, I began to look at flying over using the refund. It became clear that the cheapest tickets were in a few weeks, and so I was able to use the refund to pay almost all the cost of tickets to Scotland from June 22nd to July 13. While there were quite a number of churches that approached us or Alongside Ministries seeking helpers given both the suddenness and shortness of my trip I am focusing on three or four of a few we prayerfully consider the best fits for us. Lord willing I will be able to update you further in a few weeks (with pictures) and give more details.

Thank you so much for your constant prayers, support, and love.



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Busy times in Carloway

We are over half way through with our all to brief time here in Carloway on the Isle of Lewis. It has been an amazing time! I (Scott) have been kept busy with preaching, visiting, and taking time as a family to see some of the many amazing sites. On the first weekend we were here there were Communion services Friday and Sunday, a wake Sunday, and a funeral on Monday (quite experience which involved helping carry the casket along the road for a ways).

The people of Carloway are extremely nice and hospitable, they have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome during our weeks here. We are staying in the manse (house for the minister) and they have fixed it up lovely and filled it with toys for the boys. Though we had to change our plans a bit just a few days before our flight after finding out that the car company from which we intended to hire and drive to the island from Glasgow was going to charge us a fee each day we had the car on the island, we have been blessed and God worked it all out and were able to hire (rent) a car here on the island.

Our oldest boy, Liam, is able to attend the local school for the weeks we are here as a “guest” and he is really enjoying it, making friends and learning about Scottish history and culture. The wee boys and Karen are enjoying the manse and the lovely area. I keep fairly busy with visiting and sermon preparation. We all try and travel on Saturdays (and occasionally after school on weekdays) to see some of the amazing sites or visit with the wonderful people. Yesterday (Sunday) I had the privilege of preaching three times, twice as usual at the Carloway Church of Scotland, and also in the afternoon at the lovely village of Tolsta Chaolais at a joint service with the Free Church held there once a month.

In short we are enjoying our time here in Carloway and in Scotland in general. We were able to  visit several other parts on our way up to the Isle of Lewis. One highlight was being able to visit with the minister Rev Andrew Phillip and his wife at Crieff Church of Scotland. We really appreciated their heart for the community. We were able to see many of the programs going on in the church that day and spend time with them hearing about all they hope to do. On our journey back to Glasgow (and then on to Albania for a Alongside Ministries gathering) we hope to also meet with other ministers and churches who have written us or Alongside asking for someone to come and serve alongside them in the future. Pray that God will help place the right servants in these areas.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, and love. And I shall certainly post pictures on this site in the future, and hopefully we can visit with you when we return in a few weeks to the states. The two included pictures are of the village of Carloway with the Church of Scotland to the left of the Free Church (which is the one with the steeple) and a picture of the manse where we are staying (which is also where the first picture was taken from, so I can “walk to work”)

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Christmas time curves in the road


As a few of you are aware, our plans have had to changed yet again. We were planning to serve alongside Woodside Parish Church in Aberdeen. However it is now necessary for the minister and his family to move back to Germany to help care for his mother who has suffered a stroke. Please keep the Auffermanns in your prayers, as they prepare to move and seek a church in Germany to serve in.

So what does this mean? We are still with Alongside Ministries, and we are still seeking to serve in Scotland. There are several people working on finding us a new placement in Scotland. And we are continuing to prayerfully move forward  firmly believing that God will still get us to Scotland in 2017.  This is not a wall but a slight (though surprising) curve in our road, we are still eager to serve where ever God leads.

We want to thank you all for all your prayers, support, and love you have shown us in 2016 and we pray you all have a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year.



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Recent Scottish (and Liamish) trip

Now that I’m back with the family and had some sleep, I am able to process Liam and my recent trip to Scotland. I am really excited about the idea of serving at Woodside Parish Church. I think it could be a very good fit, a good place for the family to live and minister and a place where we can bless and be blessed. The congregation seems eager to have us come serve with them, very lovely people. In faith and trust I am ready. Currently the next step is to raise the needed financial support, so we will be hitting the road again, believing that we will be able to move over in April of next year and start serving for at least the next three years. If you already support us, truly thank you! I would love to show you someday around the area.

Briefly some areas that church is already involved in that we hope to be a part of are: children’s ministry ( working with the local schools; boys brigade -similar to AWANA/boy scouts; kids music ministry; and others), outreach to Syrian refugees (basically loving on them and their kids as they learn English at the church -feeding them, babysitting, etc), teaching and perhaps preaching, speaking at local schools, helping do an Alpha course (a informal “class” for people outside the church to learn about who Jesus really is), visiting and doing worship services at the local elderly folks home, sharing on the local radio station, and many of the ways of building up the kingdom in and outside the church.

Within a few weeks we are intending to travel toward the East coast, already we have a few stops planned in Indiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We would love the opportunity to share with anyone over tea and shortbread (food and drink optional) about our plans and catch up with you and your lives. Please drop us a wee note either through this site, Facebook, email, text, or call, we loved to meet up with you!

The following pictures are a few from our recent trip. Including a picture of Liam at the old nunnery on the Isle of Iona (an important Christian site), the minister of Woodside Parish Church and his wife (Markus and Isabell Auffermann) on the beach at Aberdeen, and Liam at Tobermory, Isle of Mull.

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